• It′s quick.

    Create a Substance Abuse Policy that meets the requirements of Georgia law.
    CLICK HERE for a sample policy.

  • It works.

    Conduct limited drug testing. You DO NOT have to test your entire workforce. You DO NOT have to conduct random testing.

  • It′s easy.

    Provide Employee Drug Education and Supervisor Training each year. Both may be done through monthly training newsletters.

  • It′s smart.

    Have a list of treatment and counseling centers available for employees who test positive. A free list is available.

  • How It Works

    The 2006 President’s National Drug Control Strategy emphasizes two key points addressed by drug free workplace programs. The first is drug testing. The National Drug Control Strategy states: “In addition to creating a culture of disapproval towards drugs, drug testing also achieves three public health goals: it deters people from initiating drug use, it identifies those who have initiated drug use so that intervention can take place, and it helps identify those who have a dependency on drugs so they can be referred to treatment.” The second point states: “For adults, drug screening [at work] helps prevent initiation of use by sending a clear message that in order to work, one must be drug-free."

    Because the vast majority of American adults work, and many of these employees are parents, the workplace is an effective setting for prevention messages that have the power to spread exponentially to America’s families, schools and communities.”

  • Request Info

    For a free Drug-free Workplace Employee Drug Education and Supervisor Training DVD and a free Drug-free Workplace Poster, please contact Chuck Wade at: cwade(at)LiveDrugFree.org or click the banner below.

Funding is provided by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities,
Division of Addictive Diseases, Office of Prevention Services & Programs.